Welcome loved ones.


i may seem like an angry person on the surface but deep inside im actually angrier


why do they even make underwear with tags??? just to tickle ur buttcrack???? what kind of sick joke is this???????????


don’t talk to me about struggle until your headphones only work if you hold them in a certain position


Do you ever feel people staring at you and you like forget how to walk


on today’s episode of “what’s wrong in my life” my blanket does not cover my feet


i want flawless eyebrows and $100,000

how do fourteen year olds get pregnant, I can’t even get a high five from a guy


do you ever get those pangs of anxiety where you feel like nobody likes you and nobody will ever like you and you will achieve nothing


i love drunk girls in bathrooms so much like they’re just so nice they tell u how pretty u are and become ur bff for like those two minutes that ur standing there in the bathroom its great


This is a lion making a kill in the wild. I know it’s very graphic but I think it’s important to show just how brutal nature can be.


[opens pizza box] *snoop dogg voice* greetings loved ones


I may not be a perfect person but at least I have never yelled at an employee in a store


I know drugs are bad and that they ruin families but so does monopoly and that’s still legal


do you ever read someone’s opinion about something and just go “okay for the sake of our friendship I’ll just ignore that”


Painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk